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ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY – REAL PEOPLE REAL SUCCESS! Congratulations to Michael Amerine from the entire team at Browning Associates. Transformative Information Technology Executive: Critical Enterprise Solutions, IT- Business Liaison, Program Management, Project Rescue Expert

Michael Amerine

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - REAL PEOPLE - REAL SUCCESS - Congratulations to George Grahovac` Senior Industry AdvisorSenior Industry Advisor Ernst & Young Global Consulting Services · Best of Luck George - From the Entire Team at Browning Associates

George L. Grahovac

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - REAL PEOPLE, REAL SUCCESS! Congratulations to Brooke E. Cianfichi, from the entire team at Browning Associates.

Brooke E. Cianfichi, CEO

Melissa has a unique talent for being able to help those who are figuring out unique transitions. Her coaching and mentoring are unmatched! 
To find someone with a positive and patient demeanor who can process your thoughts and help build a strategic transition plan is hard to find. Melissa fits all of those criteria and brings a level of energy that is inspiring. As I looked to what would be next after a 20+ year successful career, I wasn’t sure what lay ahead. Melissa is mindful to ask the right questions that guide what would be next. She enlisted a solid network to give perspective and help confirm the next steps. She supported my vision and goals and made sure to vet them to provide reassurance. She cheered me on in launching my business and securing my initial clients. When I thought the process was complete, she assured me my time was not up, and she would continue to be a sounding board. Her consistency in making time to help me navigate my new journey has been invaluable. You know you matter because she is so personable. Even if we are not physically in communication, I sense she is always there in the subtle ways she demonstrates her support. Melissa has a unique talent for being able to help those who are figuring out unique transitions. Her coaching and mentoring are unmatched!

Taja Graham - President

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - Congratulations to Randall DuBois, Chief Transformation Officer at CLIQ Products, Inc. Senior Leader ◆ Business Strategy | Operations ◆ Strategic business unit leader driving results with a people-centric approach. Strategic Planning & Execution | Operational Excellence | Turnaround Leadership | Team Building & Engagement | P&L Management | Process Design & Optimization | Product Life Cycle Oversight | Go-to-Market Strategy | Partnership Development & Management | Product Portfolio Management | Organizational Design | Change Management see more>>>

Randall DuBois, CTO

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - Director, Head of Third Party and Global Sourcing Reporting and Intelligence Director, Third-Party Risk Management Systems Lead, Senior Vice President.

Srinivas Chavva, SVP

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY -- Matt Brookes -Technology Executive - Senior Vice President, Head of Data & Analytics Tech, Global Operations - - Data Strategy, Global Operations & Enterprise Complaints

Matt Brooks, SVP

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - Congratulations to Rajesh Ananth, Digital Innovation & Transformation Executive: Disruptive Improvements in Health Care & Retail, Banking, IT Services, Emerging Technologies and Consulting.

Rajesh Ananth - Transformation Head

Melissa is an outstanding career development partner. She really takes the time to understand what you need, who you are, and where you want to go in your career. During my last career transition, she helped me build my network by giving me a bunch of techniques I hadn't previously thought of. She also offered great advice during the interview processes I engaged in. Her perspective was always spot-on.

Galvin McKelvey - CMO

I am sure most people who are reaching out to companies like Browning are looking for more than just an executive position. If not, please go to a recruiter. But if you're serious about getting into a long-term engagement, then it is important to follow the process set up by experienced members of the Browning team. Spending time and effort to research and write down your statements opens up the side that one has been scared to dig into, all this time. Be open to suggestions and conversations with the guide you are assigned to. Talk your heart out and be ready to turn over and look under all the rocks your thought you had placed as immovable requirements and thoughts. Re-establish, build, and grow your network beyond just an exercise to get the right contact who refers you to a job. There is more value in that network that can transform your life apart from getting you a leading position at work. Remember, it's your search. Own it stay in charge and leverage all the tools and guidance from the 'always willing and knowledgeable' guide. The more you put in the more it will get you. The networking contacts I was provided are long-term connections I've built. I would highly recommend talking to *******************************. I don't like using big words, so I'll just say engage with him and you will find what you are looking for.If you are curious about me. I started my own business leaving the corporate world to keep spinning around on its axis.

Deepesh Saxena - Entrepreneur

Brian's journey with us is nothing short of remarkable. When he first joined our community, he had two clear objectives: to secure a well-deserved promotion with a substantial pay increase or, if that wasn't attainable, to explore new career opportunities. His dedication to these goals led him down a path of learning, primarily focusing on the art of networking. Brian's turning point came when he closed a monumental deal for his company. It was this achievement that emboldened him to seek that long-awaited promotion and salary boost. Our collaboration was instrumental in this endeavor. We embarked on several sessions, refining his approach to the pivotal conversation. Brian initially made it too personal, but we worked together to shift the focus onto the value he brought to the table. The meeting, which was anticipated to last an hour, extended into an extraordinary three-hour dialogue. The outcome? Brian's company recognized his contributions by granting him the maximum salary increase allowable within a year – a remarkable $xx,xxx Additionally, the company laid out a clear plan to continue rewarding Brian's excellence, with an additional $xx,xxx slated for Q2 of the next year. This ongoing recognition is a testament to his commitment and the company's acknowledgment of his contributions. Despite these incredible achievements, Brian's enthusiasm for networking remains unwavering. He has discovered a genuine passion for connecting with others and seeks to inspire fellow clients at Browning with his success story. Brian's future endeavors will undoubtedly include leveraging his networking skills to secure speaking engagements, a testament to his dedication to personal and professional growth. Brian's journey is not just about individual success; it's a shining example of how determination, skill-building, and strategic guidance can lead to extraordinary career achievements. His story serves as a beacon of inspiration for all those who seek to maximize their potential.

Brian Sanders - Operations Exec- Fortune 500

We are thrilled to share an extraordinary success story featuring our esteemed Browning Associates client, Paul Branham. Paul recently achieved a significant career milestone as he secured a Director role with xxxxx University, a highly esteemed institution known for its outstanding academic excellence. This prestigious position not only comes with a competitive salary of $xxxxxxK, but also offers Paul the opportunity to receive a bonus based on his remarkable performance. Additionally, the benefits package provided by xxxxx University is truly exceptional, ensuring Paul's overall satisfaction and well-being. One of the most remarkable aspects of Paul's success story is the tremendous benefit it presents to his family. With this incredible opportunity, Paul's children will soon be able to attend xxxxx University at a significantly reduced cost. This not only underscores the quality of education they will receive, but also serves as a testament to the positive impact Paul's professional achievements have on his loved ones. Another advantage of this remarkable position is that Paul can continue to thrive in his current location, eliminating the need for him and his family to endure the stress of relocation. This ensures stability and continuity for Paul, enabling him to focus wholeheartedly on his new role and contribute his expertise effectively. Paul's success story is further augmented by the fact that this Director role is a newly created position. With this opportunity, he has the potential to shape and mold the position according to his vision and expertise. This provides the perfect platform for Paul to make a lasting impact, not only within xxxxx University but also within the broader field of education. The exceptional achievements of Paul Branham exemplify the transformative power of finding the right career fit through Browning Associates. We are dedicated to helping professionals like Paul unlock their true potential, connecting them with career opportunities that align with their passions, goals, and aspirations. To Paul, we extend our sincerest congratulations on his phenomenal success and express our pride in playing a role in his career journey. His dedication, perseverance, and qualifications serve as an inspiration to others, showcasing what can be achieved when one finds their ideal career path with the support of Browning Associates. If you are seeking similar career advancement, personal fulfillment, and familial benefits, we encourage you to entrust Browning Associates to guide you on your own path to success. Let us help you discover opportunities that maximize your potential, ensure your happiness, and positively impact those you care about.

Paul Branham

Congratulations Lisa!! From all of us at Browning Associates on your new role VP of Finance – Velocity Restoration - We look forward to staying in touch and witnessing your continued success! Much love, peace, and joy to you and your loved ones! God Bless You! Browning Associates welcomed me to their team in August of this year. The best advice I received was that it will be “comfortably uncomfortable” at times. I believe in growing pains and understand that is part of the process. I am glad I trusted the process because I received the job of my dreams and more faith in God. I highly recommend Browning & Associates to anyone who is willing to put in the work it takes to reach your goals. They will help you along the way, and get you where you need to go.

Lisa Longo - Vice President Finance

In January of this year, I spoke with Dante Crowther, who I found to be very interested in my personal journey of self re-discovery in order to effectively plan forward in my career. While I knew he did not have specific expertise in my target industry, his insight and wisdom was relevant in our discussion and helped to confirm my impressions that Browning & Assoc. was the right fit for me. This partnership was the first of its kind for me because and gave new meaning to the years of leadership training that I received that encouraged me to invest in myself. Over my 20+ years as a professional, I have been fortunate to be able to count on one hand the number of times I was required to formally search and interview for a career progression. After a few discussions with Dante in Jan, I decided to review and consider signing a contract for 5 specific reasons: 1) Vision and mission of the organization; 2) Unique blend of organizational purpose and spirituality (Christian Values) 3) Emphasis on agnostic, faith-based mentorship 4) Strong track-record of success (greater than 95%) 5) Client-Driven, Coach Assisted model for career consultation In February, I signed the contract and very much enjoyed the introductory conversation with John. The discussion was authentic and filled with his passion for Browning. I could sense that he was walking in his purpose. We were both comfortable being vulnerable on the call and I knew that I made the right choice. When we ended that call, I found myself feeling a sense of peace that can only come from be rest assured that we are walking in accordance to God's plan. I reviewed the terms and conditions in great detail and remember wishing that there was a single picture that could bring the words to life as a reflection of the journey ahead. John mentioned a few recommended videos to start, so I placed my attention there from the beginning. Everyone's journey is unique and that is what makes the great calling of Browning & Associates so vitality important. For me, the emphasis of the videos that spoke to the foundational importance of "the network" took on more meaning as I interpreted this to mean my personal network with the source of my strength and author of my life - God. This may not be the same for every client. However, for me, the more I considered my personal network, the more I dug deeper to reflect on how I came to know them and more importantly what I believe was the purpose for knowing them. I realized that God was the most important common denominator for all Group A, B, and C connections. This was my first ah-ha moment. In March, I was blessed with the assignment of Shelia as Project Manager. Her knowledge and experience was incredible! I recall wishing there was more of a formal hand-off between Dante and Shelia. It was not a big problem. Shelia helped me to understand the process and outlined the path forward with great detail. In May, I began to work with the Resume team. Patrick was impressive and I really liked the way that he took charge of the resume development effort. The Exec Development document did a good job of providing key details and his first draft of the new resume was a 99% solution. My background is diverse, so it only took a 30min call to clarify a few items for completion. In June, I met Emily for personal branding. She was very kind and helped me navigate Linkedln. The 9 documents and list of resources inspired me to get active with networking. In July and August, I began to use the tools that Shelia and Emily had shared with me. There were countless meetings with Group A and B and contacts. It was a mix of networking and interviews that were mapped to the industry targets identified within my interest profile. Shelia was an amazing guide and I found myself writing down so many notes. Thank God for virtual calls because I could reference the notes during my phone calls and didn't need to rely solely on memory. Currently, I have accepted an offer and am in the process of career transition. I plan to resign from my current position this week and start in my next position in November. I look forward to leveraging the communication handbook and sample letters from Emily. Shelia will be an excellent guide as I launch my new career and establish key milestones for the first 100 days. I am both blessed and grateful for this experience and what I believe will be lifelong connections. Thank you kindly, -Traviss

Traviss Green - COO

Please Click LinkedIn icon below to watch and hear Davids testimony.

David Hanighen - CIO

Having no experience working with career coaches I tried Browning. At first, I became frustrated - it felt like one tool "just keep on networking!". Then came My amazing Project Manager ....She stepped in and shined a light on talents I didn’t know I had, helped me to develop new ones, gave me plain feedback when needed, and never stopped cheering me on. She was was able provide all this support with full coverage and availability. The end result was helping me to lay the groundwork for the confidence I now carry and which gave me the confidence to continue on, improve my trajectory, and eventually land the role that I am now happily in. Brittany is above expectations - and I have a high bar. Browning came through for me. Thank you!

Kori Lambert

* A Powerful Partner in Career Growth What sets Melissa apart is her genuine passion for empowering individuals. Melissa fosters a safe and supportive environment where open communication and vulnerability are encouraged. Under her guidance, I achieved significant career progression with a renewed purpose and a sense of confidence. This enabled me to be authentic, leading to more profound self-discovery with meaningful progress. I wholeheartedly endorse Melissa for any professional seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable career coach. Please feel free to contact me if you need more information.
A Powerful Partner in Career Growth.

Angela Cox - Clinical Operations Exec

Hello Melanie & Team, I will start my new position as at XXX XXX Investments on April 29th. I've successfully worked through the questions/concerns I had in my offer letter. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your wonderful support during the past nine months. I can not express enough thanks for the advice along with your compassionate guidance during some difficult periods of my career search. I will highly recommend your services to anyone that is in transition. Be well, stay in touch.

Mary Anne Majerus Lambert

Thank you for checking in with me. The new job is incredible. The CEO I am working for is a brilliant business person and being able to work along side him and learn from him is an added benefit. I hope everything is going for you and everyone at Browning. Of course I will stay in touch and you do the same too please.

Craig Wellons - COO

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - REAL PEOPLE, REAL SUCCESS! - I highly recommend Brittany as a trusted advisor! Brittany quickly builds rapport and trust by actively listening to and understanding her client's needs. Her depth of knowledge in multiple industries is unmatched and she’s always ready and available with sound, strategic advice. She’s also unwaveringly positive, with a can-do attitude that is appreciated. She genuinely cares about her clients, and goes above and beyond!

Katie Groves - CMO

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - Congrats to David Elliott - I had the opportunity to work with Brittany, and I can say without a doubt that her competence and professionalism made a huge contribution to both my personal and professional development. Not only was Brittany responsive and communicative, but her approach also demonstrated an incredibly high level of thoughtfulness. She never failed to offer me helpful tools, counsel, and coaching that was specifically geared toward overcoming the hurdles posed by my individual path to success. Her strategic and tactical advice on measures to take (or not to take) was particularly helpful to me, and I found it to be of tremendous value. It is evident that Brittany has a clear passion for the success of her clients and I would recommend her services to anyone looking to advance their professional careers.

David Elliott

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - REAL PEOPLE - REAL SUCCESS - Congratulations to Joseph Daddario - Regional Vice President - Leader | Retail | President | COO| Consultant| Leader of teams that drive financial success through execution...

Joseph Daddario, RVP

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - REAL PEOPLE - REAL SUCCESS - Congratulations to Bob Ceccato Senior Financial Services Executive ★ Customer Relationship Management ★ Fortune 50 Voice of the Customer ★ Transforms Organizations Guaranteeing Growth & Expansion Best of Luck Bob - From the Entire Team at Browning Associates

Bob Ceccato - SVP

Good Morning John and Happy Friday to you! Yes indeed what a journey and I cannot thank Jerry enough for all that he did to give me the tools to build a powerful network that continues to grow. My journey is definitely one for the record books and one that is truly an inspiring story. I would love to continue our partnership and would love to remain in the network as well as serve as mentor, motivator or just share my story to others as once you hear it's truly a powerful one that should light anyones fire... I am thankful to be part of the Browning family and looking forward to our conversation and future success. Have an amazing weekend! Lamar Dunn Chief Information Officer

Charlie Lamar Dunn - CIO

Bryan has undoubtedly secured a special place in my list of top favorite clients. His unwavering spiritual connection, which often led to heartfelt discussions about Jesus, brought a unique and cherished dimension to our working relationship. What truly set Bryan apart was his enthusiasm for our process, his genuine appreciation for our team, and his passion for networking. He described the experience as akin to an Easter Egg hunt, but in the most positive and rewarding way. Bryan's decision to pivot away from the volatile oil and gas industry was a testament to his resilience and foresight. He had witnessed the industry's unpredictable nature and the discontent it often brought to its professionals. The stress from his previous job had even taken a physical toll, manifesting as stress-induced spots on his head. Remarkably, just two days after accepting a new opportunity, those stress-induced spots miraculously vanished. Bryan successfully transitioned into the realm of Material Sciences, a field with broader applications beyond oil and gas. This transition may have appeared as a step back, but such adjustments are quite common when shifting industries. Today, Bryan stands as the new Market Director-Drilling and Oilfield at XXXXXX XXXXXX, an exciting move that holds the promise of a more stable and fulfilling career. His journey reflects the power of determination, faith, and the right career guidance to steer a course toward personal and professional growth. It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of his remarkable transformation.

Bryan Bradburn - Global Commercial Director

Melissa is an outstanding career coach and strategist. The first lesson in coaching is listening and she does this very well. Utilizing her deep experience and gifting, Melissa was instrumental in providing input and clarity to my decision-making process during a recent career change. I am grateful for her faith and her leadership. It is for these reasons, Melissa receives my strong recommendation as a career coach and strategist!
Melissa is an outstanding career coach and strategist.

Mike Morton - Vice President

Congratulations to Emyay King --- We look forward to continuing our relationship with you Emay and hope you will remain as an active participant in our network...

Emyay King - Global Strategy Exec.

Congratulations to Hem Chari for landing his new role as a CIO with xxxxx --- We look forward to continuing our relationship with you Hem and hope you will remain as an active participant in our network...

Hem Chari - CIO

I can not thank Browning Associates enough. They are absolutely an incredible team of professionals at what they do and even more than just professionals. They not only turned around my situation totally within record time helping me to find and incredible challenging position but they take a complete interest in their clients at a personal level. From John H. Seraichyk their President to Mike M******* their Chief Operating Officer to their specific Mentors assigned to you like Bob J**** who was assigned as my personal mentor, supported me on a weekly basis and was outstanding to Kaye B****** who totally did over my resume and ******** Profile in record time to incredible detailing throughout. They operated within 3 weeks and I was able to land a very challenging position which has been full time employment for me after 3 weeks time and has been constant employment for me for the past 4 months. The position I landed as a result of Browning Associates help is the highest paid position I have ever had. Browning Associates clear formula and program is one I would recommend to anyone.

Richard Wiggins - Bus Dev Exec

Robins Story - In my professional interaction with Robin, I had the opportunity to witness her deep appreciation for you, Melissa, and the entire team. When Robin initially joined our organization, she harbored significant apprehension about reaching out to her network. She confided that your unwavering support and guidance provided her with the empowerment she needed to forge ahead. Robin shared her gradual journey, which began with tentative outreach to individuals she felt at ease with, refraining from soliciting any favors initially as she found it quite challenging. As she honed her skills in the art of networking, she gradually gained the confidence to articulate her needs. To her astonishment, people were remarkably receptive and willing to go to great lengths to assist her. However, there was one individual on her contact list whom she hesitated to engage with for inexplicable reasons, making excuses like, "This person probably can't offer any assistance." It was your, Melissa, encouragement and support that emboldened her to cast aside such reservations and reach out to every individual on her list. Astonishingly, that particular connection led her to the opportunity she is set to embark on tomorrow. Initially, Robin secured an interview with this organization, and while the initial offer fell short of her expectations, her exceptional qualities so impressed them that they promptly returned with an offer for a higher-level position, a mere step away from the C-suite. She now stands as a direct report to the CEO, a testament to the remarkable journey of growth and success that she has undertaken.

Robin Kandel - Update

We are thrilled to share another success story! Kevin, a talented individual and an introvert by nature, was a pleasure to work with. Despite his initial reservation towards networking, we were able to guide him in expanding his professional connections. In an exciting turn of events, an incredible job opportunity came through Kevin's network, showcasing the true power of networking. He was offered a prestigious position as a Senior Director for Customer Operations, a role that perfectly aligned with his skills and aspirations. Not only did the job match his career goals, but the compensation package exceeded his expectations. Additionally, there was no need for relocation, making the transition even more seamless. We are overjoyed to have been a part of Kevin's journey towards achieving everything he desired in his professional life. This success story exemplifies the incredible outcomes that can be achieved when individuals utilize their networks and seize the right opportunities. At Browning Associates, our mission is to empower individuals like Kevin to reach their full potential and find success in their careers. We look forward to continuing our work and assisting many more professionals in their pursuit of fulfillment and growth.

Kevin Otto

Browning Associates Success Story: Reaping the Rewards of Our Comprehensive Program We are thrilled to share the success story of one of our exceptional clients who truly made the most of our extensive array of services. From start to finish, he embraced every aspect of our program and achieved outstanding results. Beginning with our renowned Virtual Job (VJ) platform, he found great success in collaborating with our experienced career coach, Susan. Together, they meticulously crafted a winning strategy that perfectly showcased his skills and achievements. Through the power of our coaching, he gained invaluable insights and advanced his professional growth. Additionally, he greatly benefitted from our esteemed network contacts, which helped open doors along his career journey. While this particular job opportunity didn't originate from our networking efforts, it was clear that our expansive network played a significant role in connecting him to the outstanding opportunity he found at Amazon. Although he is still in the interview process with Amazon, he realizes that the offered salary falls short of his expectations. Nonetheless, his exceptional talent and determination have led him to secure a truly remarkable position as the Vice President of Business Development in the United States for Txxxxx, an esteemed Australian company. The offer he signed today with Txxxxx exemplifies his remarkable achievements. With a solid base salary of xxxxxxk, a competitive percentage-based compensation plan, and a generous sign-on bonus of xxk, his total compensation package demonstrates the tremendous value he brings to the organization. We are incredibly proud of our clients and their accomplishments, and this success story is a testament to the transformative impact of Browning Associates. With our comprehensive program and unwavering support, we empower professionals to achieve their career goals and reach unparalleled heights of success.

Nit Tikku

We are thrilled to share a remarkable success story from one of our valued Browning Associates, Dale Claytore. Dale recently embarked on a new chapter of his career as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) with xxxxx Healthcacre, a highly reputable organization. This role presents Dale with incredible potential, offering the opportunity to earn a substantial income of $xxxxxx in the first year and a remarkable $xxxxxxK in the second year. Furthermore, Dale is also presented with the chance to become a part-owner of the organization, adding another exciting dimension to his career journey. After retiring from his previous role, Dale found himself unsure of what direction he wanted his career to take. However, the opportunity as COO with xxxxx Healthcare perfectly aligned with his aspirations and met all the criteria he had envisioned for his next move. This position fills Dale with an immense sense of excitement and fulfillment, as it allows him to utilize his expertise and experience in a meaningful and impactful way. Dale is eager to contribute his considerable talents to the success and growth of xxxxx Healthcare, knowing that his efforts will have a significant and lasting impact on the organization and the community it serves. Dale's success story exemplifies the transformative power of finding the right opportunity through Browning Associates. We are committed to helping professionals like Dale navigate their career journeys, connecting them with positions that align with their goals and fulfill their aspirations. To Dale, we extend our sincerest congratulations on his remarkable achievement and express our pride in being a part of his career journey. His dedication and perseverance serve as an inspiration to others, illustrating what can be accomplished when one finds their ideal career fit with the support of Browning Associates. If you are seeking similar career advancement and fulfillment, we invite you to place your trust in Browning Associates. Allow us to guide you towards opportunities that maximize your potential and enable your professional growth.

Dale Claytore - COO

“I did extensive research before hiring Browning Associates (BA) to assist with my extensive executive job search, to jeff mchesneyinclude going to RI and meeting everyone there in person. This was my second use of a professional search team, so I knew exactly what I needed – focused support, extensive research, access to a deep executive network and weekly action planning. I got all of this and more. BA expands your job search sales/marketing team from a single novice (you) to a group of professionals that do this for a living. I recommend BA to everyone I know seeking six-figure jobs, even if they think they are good at networking already. You get out what you put in with Browning…the more you work hard at your own job search and networking, the more valuable Browning Associates’ guidance and advice is to your success … and your next salary!”

Jeffrey McChesney CEO-Military

It was great talking to you last week. As a reminder I was laid of by State Farm Insurance in January of 2018 after 31 years of employment. I found Browning Associates in February of 2018. After talking with you, I was blessed to be assigned to Jerry Santa Maria. He changed my life! My initial call with Jerry was rough. I was down in the dumps and looking back on it, probably a little rude to him. He stuck with me and we faithfully met every Friday morning from 8:30-9:30. Browning was instrumental in building a campaign around me by creating a LinkedIn page, my resume and a very effective Executive Summary. Jerry taught me how to Network. If not for Networking I would not be where I am today. In September of 2018 I started my new position as Vice President of Litigation and Compliance at Stillwater Insurance Group in beautiful Jacksonville, FL. My compensation package is about 25% higher compared to my salary at State Farm. My lovely bride and I moved from Tampa to Jacksonville and we love our new town. I am profoundly grateful to Browning Associates, you personally, and Jerry Santa Maria. Jerry and I stay in touch with each other and I anticipate being friends with him for life. He occasionally sends a Browning client to me to talk about my experience and help them in any way I can. I plan on helping others whether they come from Browning, LinkedIn or any other fashion forever. I am committed to Networking and my three adult children are turning into pretty good net-workers as well. My youngest daughter just graduated from college and through Networking she obtained a dream position with a faith based lobbyist group (AIPAC) who support Israel and the Jewish Community. May the good lord bless you and all of those at Browning Associates who help people like me in times of need. If I can ever be of assistance to you please do not hesitate to reach out and I will gladly assist.

Todd McGrath- Vice President

Another Browning Success Story - Real People Real Success

Frank E. McDonough - Technology Director

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY – REAL PEOPLE REAL SUCCESS! Congratulations to Daniel Russo from the entire team at Browning Associates School and District Leader. Former Deputy Superintendent – Education ► Leading Transformations | Elevating Disadvantaged Communities | Managing Changes | Building Relationships | Developing Programs

Daniel Russo, Ed.D.

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - REAL PEOPLE - REAL SUCCESS - Congratulations to Angel Mesa - Best of Luck Angel - From the Entire Team at Browning Associates--

Angel Mesa, Army | Executive

Jeff's journey over the past 7 months has been nothing short of remarkable. Prior to seeking guidance, he felt like his career was stagnating, and he was disheartened after sending out more than 100 resumes without receiving any offers. Frustration had crept in, but he was determined to turn things around. Jeff possessed a certain introverted nature and "Texas Pride," making it challenging for him to reach out for assistance. Additionally, he struggled with disorganization, which only added to his woes. He was stuck in a role he wanted to escape from, all the while being underpaid and concerned about his age at 59. With a clear vision in mind, we embarked on a journey to redirect his career path towards Risk Management and GRC positions. Jeff initially had reservations about Virtual Job Judo (VJJ), but he soon realized its immense value and embraced it wholeheartedly. The breakthrough came from a network contact he had made years ago during his time at USAA. Surprisingly, this individual had been his subordinate back then and now presented a fantastic opportunity. One pivotal aspect we worked on was Jeff's communication style, which sometimes came across as too direct and bossy – a trait he attributed to "Texas culture." He accepted the constructive feedback and made necessary adjustments. The transformation was nothing short of astounding. Jeff secured a new role as the Director of Risk Management at Kemper Insurance with a staggering 50% increase in his current pay. Originally, it was indicated that he might need to relocate for the position, but the job specifications were adjusted, allowing him to work 100% remotely. Furthermore, he was granted 24 days of vacation and a 100% bonus, resulting in a total compensation of $xxx,000. Jeff is now convinced that this opportunity is exactly where he was meant to be – a testament to his resilience, determination, and the guidance he received.

Jeff Rowland - Senior Audit Manager

I'm delighted to share the journey of Joan, who embarked on her new position with us back in August. Joan is known for her preference for privacy, making it a bit challenging to encourage her to network initially. However, she persevered and made notable progress, despite the added challenge of balancing her networking efforts with a full-time job. As time went on, Joan began to reach out to contacts within the Browning network, which marked a significant turning point in her journey. She diligently cultivated several opportunities, all of which stemmed from her networking efforts. I am pleased to announce that Joan has accepted a compelling offer from xxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxx as the Senior Director General Manager. Her tentative start date in this new role is set for January 30, 202x. The details of her offer are as follows: An annual base salary of $xxx,xxx xx,000, paid bi-weekly in accordance with the company's payroll policies. Participation in the GD-OTS Incentive Compensation Plan (ICP), with an opportunity to earn up to $xx,xxx (target) of her base salary. ICP bonuses, typically paid in March, are contingent upon the achievement of selected business and individual goals. A lump-sum grossed-up relocation payment of $xx,xxx disbursed with her first full paycheck on the hire date, along with an additional one-time deposit of 40 PTO hours. An extra 40 PTO hours, exceeding the standard accrual outlined in the PTO policy. Eligibility for a comprehensive benefits package, including Medical, Dental, Life Insurance, Short and Long Term Disability, and 401K and Retirement offerings. I had the pleasure of assisting Joan in negotiating an additional $xx,xxx in base salary and a $,xx,xxx sign-on bonus, which has left her exceptionally content with the outcome. Joan's journey is a testament to her determination and hard work, and we are thrilled to see her embark on this exciting new chapter in her career. Congratulations, Joan!

Joan Latham - Global Operations Executive

"Sheila is an Absolute Rock Star!"

Anthony Haines-CEO Boy Scouts of America

"The Best Investment Ive Ever Made in my Entire Life!"

Kathi Greene - Global Human Resources Executive

I started with Browning back in June 2022, and found a position in March 2023. My position is a promotion from my previous position. I found Browning out of frustration. I sent 20 applications out with zero response. Going in the front door of companies doesn't work very often anymore and I didn't know how to find a new job in this market. I had several questions before spending the amount Browning was asking: is this real? Is it worth it? How long does it take? What’s the process? Percent chance of landing a position? Browning was very upfront and honest, and it was not a sales pitch. They are selling a service that immediately pays off and skills last forever. Understand what you are signing up for. Browning doesn’t magically find positions. It takes commitment and trust in the process. The process: There were a few classes on getting my LinkedIn page setup to attract views. I had weekly meetings with my coach, Jerry to build my network. Jerry has seen and done it all. He had the right answer for everything. He helped navigate hard interview questions and provided guidance in developing my network and roadblocks during networking conversations. Interview prep was critical. He knew the questions to prepare for and knew the types of people I was up against. After the interviews were debriefs, so he was always collecting real time data and feedback for all of their clients. I was also provided the tools to help others. It wasn’t just about me and my career, it was about how can I help others to encourage them to help me when I need it. I would recommend Browning for career transition, and to develop your network to last beyond this transition. I would not recommend Browning if you are not ready to fully commit yourself to your transition. When you are, hire Browning. They changed my life and helped find a position that took my career to a level that I dreamed about 20 years ago. Thanks to Jerry and the rest of the Browning Team!

Justin Van Beusekom

I worked with Melissa to lead my recent executive job search. She is engaging and walked me through each step of the program, explaining what I didn't understand, listening to my needs and honestly nudging me in the right direction when I got off track. Ultimately leading me to multiple offers and helping me evaluate each. I wrote the above in good faith, but honestly, it hardly describes Melissa's support during this search. This was through the worst of the COVID uncertainty plus personal challenges and just general fatigue. Melissa was my rock, my coach, my cheerleader. I couldn't have asked for a better person to lead my executive search team! I'm very grateful for her support and guidance.

Mike Jensen

I am delighted to announce Michael has recently assumed the position of Vice President of Growth at xxxxx, where he commands a noteworthy annual salary of $xxxxxx. Michael is known for his concise communication style, but his excitement about this opportunity is unmistakable. His enthusiasm for his new role is palpable, and we are eager to see the contributions he will make in this capacity.

Michael Weigart - Vice President of Growth

I am thrilled to share the success story of Mark Clark, who recently accepted the position of Development Officer at XXXXXXXXX. Mark's journey towards this achievement has been both impressive and swift. Mark's official start date was on November 30th, strategically chosen to allow him to receive a xx% salary increase in January. The hiring process at xxxxxxxx moved remarkably quick, a testament to Mark's exceptional qualifications and networking skills. Mark had been diligently building connections within the Amarillo network, and his efforts paid off when he reached out to a recent hire. This individual reviewed Mark's original application and resume from the previous year and was genuinely puzzled as to why they hadn't hired him earlier. Mark maintained a strong connection with this contact, which led him through the interview process successfully. As Mark and I discussed negotiating salary and benefits, the process accelerated. This ensured that Mark would not only secure the position but also enjoy a xx% salary increase in January and a generous two-week paid vacation during the Christmas season. Furthermore, all of Mark's accrued vacation time from his previous endeavors was recognized by the college, adding to the benefits of his new role. Mark has expressed his deep satisfaction with the knowledge and skills he gained during his time with us, emphasizing his commitment to continue expanding his professional network and assisting others in their career journeys. Congratulations to Mark on this remarkable achievement, and I have no doubt that his dedication and networking prowess will continue to lead to great success. Blessings!

Mark A. Clark, M.Ed., Educational Leadership

We are thrilled to share that Dan has now assumed the role of Regional Sales Manager at a Fortune 50 corporation with an impressive compensation package: A base salary of $xxxxxx A signing bonus of $xxxxx An additional $xxxxx in bonuses - His official start date is set for December 1st, and we couldn't be happier for him. It's clear that he put in the effort and dedication to achieve this success, and we played an integral role in supporting his journey. We're genuinely delighted for his achievements, and it's been a pleasure to work alongside him.

Dan Dehart - Regional Manager Fortune 50

Jeff's journey with us has been relatively brief, but it has already been a resounding success. I had initial concerns about his networking capabilities, but I was pleasantly surprised. He not only embraced networking, but he also discovered that he had a valuable network at his disposal all along. Jeff proactively reached out to some of the Browning contacts, and the interactions left a positive impression. In fact, it seemed like he had a great rapport with all of them. The opportunity he landed came through an old friend, a testament to the power of nurturing relationships over time. Jeff is set to commence his new role around April 10th. This achievement has filled him with immense satisfaction, and he is eager to continue expanding his network, knowing that it can lead to even more opportunities in the future.

Jeff Thomson - Operations Manager

Congratulations, Alex! We are thrilled to announce that Alex Furlong has accepted an exceptional offer, although the company's name remains undisclosed for now. His new position, set to commence in the first week of February, as the President of one of the largest insurance wholesale companies in the USA. We look forward to following your career progress and hope the very best for you and your family.

Alex Furlong - President

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - REAL PEOPLE REAL SUCCESS! Congratulations to Chelsea Johnson, MD, FAAP - CMO - Congrats from the entire team at Browning Associates.

Chelsea Johnson, MD, FAAP - CMO

Robins Story - I spoke with Robin today; she loves you, Melissa, and the entire team. She came on with us and was very uneasy about reaching out to her Network. She said that you being there for her empowered her to keep going forward. She said she started by reaching out to people she was comfortable with but not asking them for anything. She said that would've been too hard at first. Once she became adept with just reaching out, from there, she learned to ask for what it was she wanted. She was absolutely blown away when people were bending over backward to help her. There was one person on her list that, for some reason, she wasn't contracting. She kept making excuses such as this person probably can't help me. And then you, Melissa, encouraged her not to do that and to call everybody on the list. That one person led her to the position that she is now starting tomorrow. Initially, she got the interview, and the offer was low, but they liked her so much they came back and offered her a higher-level position; it's one step away from the C level. She is now a direct report to the CEO.

Robin Kandel -

The Position I wanted - Exact Location - 100% Success

Eric Piper

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - REAL PEOPLE, REAL SUCCESS! Congratulations to Ed Luke from the entire team at Browning Associates.

Ed Luke -

Melissa is an outstanding career development partner. She really takes the time to understand what you need, who you are, and where you want to go in your career. During my last career transition, she helped me build my network by giving me a bunch of techniques I hadn't previously thought of. She also offered great advice during the interview processes I engaged in. Her perspective was always spot-on.

Galvin McKelvey - Chief Marketing Officer

If you're looking to hire a career consultant and coach you'll find none better than Melissa Corcoran with Browning Associates. Following a 27 year career in the Air Force I hired Browning to help me navigate a civilian business world that I knew nothing about. Melissa's patience, encouragement and focused accountability sessions got me started with a networking strategy, a value proposition and a better awareness of my strengths and weaknesses. When I got discouraged she focused on the positive and helped me work through disappointment. In the end I was hired by someone I had reached out to early in my networking efforts. Her efforts and advice were instrumental in my successful search...

Christopher Richardson - Air Force Ret.

Dear John, Thank you for lifting my spirits up. You are a great encourager. Please know that I appreciate you a lot. Iron sharpens iron. Thank you so much John. You are a gentleman and a scholar and a great brother in the Lord. Onward and upward Christian soldier. Aurelio

Aurelio Barreto

Congratulations to Curtis Meighan - We look forward to continuing our relationship with you Curtis and hope you will remain as an active participant in our network...

Curtis Meighan - Transportation Exec.

Absolutely the best job on the planet. Got a nice big raise this past year and they have put me on as Logistic Section Chief in the Emergency Command Center. I hope you are staying safe and healthy.

Mike MacDonald- Section Chief

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - REAL PEOPLE - REAL SUCCESS! CONGRATS TO: Sean Friday VP of Strategy / Operations - Global Strategist and Operations Executive - Air Force General advancing key partnerships in aerospace, military, technology, and academic settings. Retired Canadian Air Force Major General Named Senior Vice President of STS Capital Partners

Sean Friday - Military


Zhenya Korkina - Vice President

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - REAL PEOPLE - REAL SUCCESS - Congratulations to Charles M. Chapman Vice President Engineering Reporting to CEO Best of Luck Charles - From the Entire Team at Browning Associates

Charles M. Chapman Vice President Engineering

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - REAL PEOPLE - REAL SUCCESS - Congratulations to Peggy Jordan Senior VP of Experiences and Events Best of Luck Peggy - From the Entire Team at Browning Associates

Peggy Jordan

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - REAL PEOPLE - REAL SUCCESS - Congratulations to Kevin Klimek Senior Vice President | Financial Services & Banking | Sales and Operations United States Best of Luck Kevin - From the Entire Team at Browning Associates

Kevin Klimek - SVP

I wanted to take a minute to recognize a few folks on your team. I need to thank and recognize Jerry and his coaching for my development. He is one of kind and he is fantastic at his job. Under his guidance, I created a structure and process that held me accountable (to myself) so I could find that next opportunity. Hold on to that guy!! He is valuable to Browning. I also wanted to recognize Kaye and Emily. I can’t tell you how many compliments I received on my resume and executive summary documents. Your professional branding documents definitely gave me an advantage. And, my “hit rate” from job board applications was good when I exercised all the teachings from Kaye. A shout out to Denise and Tracey. They kept the process rolling for me and I’m not sure I would have had the success without them.I appreciate the relationships I’ve built with your team and I value what I’ve learned from them. Thanks so much!

Michael Doerrer -Chief Operations Officer

Prior to engaging Browning Associates, our client had been searching for nearly 2 years with no results. Just 4 months in to our engagement, here’s what he has now! See below from his senior consultant.... I spoke with Adrian this morning. He has an offer from a PE company. Salary and bonus should be $450-$650. He is also going to get equity which should be $3 to $5 Million in 3-5 years. He's assuming he will earn a percentage of equity each year. He was also told by a recruiter that he is the candidate of choice for a position with the bldg. product distribution company. He would be located in Hawaii. He turned down a CEO position in Charleston. They came back and asked him what it would take to bring him on board! Three offers-Nice position to be in.


After six months of “close, but no offers” on a number of positions, I hired Browning and Associates ( to assist me in my job search. It was very worthwhile and I had two offers within 90 days of working with them. It wasn’t inexpensive, but I think I saved money in the long run by getting hired much quicker than without them. They are top notch folks to work with, and I feel like I got my money’s worth. I would suggest you take a look at their website, and see if it is something you would be interested in taking advantage of. If so, let me know, and I will be happy to make a personal introduction for you.

Matt Steele - President Chief Strategist

“I have used Browning three times in the last 17 years and they have delivered every time! They guided me and gave me the tools I needed to find the right position in the field I wanted for the compensation I deserved. They are experts in their field who keep the promises they make.”

Mark Centracchio

"Mission Accomplished! I was offered and have accepted a position with Allied Business Documents. Were still processing the paper work, but Im tentatively set to begin after Labor Day. Thank you for all your help these past months. Successfully making a career shift brings a great feeling of accomplishment. This process isnt an easy one, but it sure pays to be persistent."

Linda M. Kenney

Browning Associates have been my thought partner, my scribe, my confidante, my mentor, my sparring partner and most importantly my friend this past year as I worked to pivot my business and reposition myself in the face of the Pandemic. Browning Associates helped me articulate my professional services offerings, my value proposition if you will that allowed me to confidently position myself at the appropriate level for international projects that broadened my horizons and ultimately helped me find the perfect role and project for my profile and talent skill set took some time to craft but with steadfast commitment, the Browning team persisted and supported my cause and the end result is exactly what Ive been looking for.Thank you and team for all that you do and who you are. With deep gratitude,

Peter McGrath - CEO

The entire team at Browning Associates was extremely helpful and supportive. Their networking strategy along with their personal coaching resulted in finding a new job in 4 months. I would recommend to executive job seekers without hesitation!

Peter H. Kim, PharmD, MBA

I began my conversation with Browning earlier this year and decided that it was something that I needed to consider. Now that I've been through the experience with Browning, I recommend it to anyone and everyone who asks me about it. There is this whole team of experts that I get by partnering with them that allow me to not feel like I am not going through this alone or thrown into search engines. I was actually genuinely dealing with people who said: "We are experts in this. We've done this before, we can do it again, We've got a proven track record. No question, we can take on what you have and we can do for you what we have done for so many others." And I can not emphasize this enough: it was transformational. So, that's what I found at Browning that I thought was so tremendous and when I talk to people now about my experience, I tell them: You owe it to yourself, to see what you would look like on the other side. I embraced the opportunity to figure out who I am and what I am independent of whatever title might be on my business card at the time. And that's what Browning gave me, that's what Browning unlocked from me, that I didn't know about my own experience. It was enlightening to me to know who I really was in my profession that I don't think that I have ever understood until I worked with Browning.

Libby Motto - Vice President of Client Success

I was to work with Browning Associates and immediately saw the benefit of my choice. Bob Jones on their team was the ultimate professional and gave such great guidance. I referred several of my colleagues who were looking for a change to utilize their services Browning Associates earlier this year to provide advice and guidance in my employment search.

Larry Franchini - Vice President

It was my pleasure to chat with you regarding my fabulous experience with Browning because my experience with Browning has opened up a new path for me in our journey through life. I’m delighted to be called upon as a reference and as well as an ear for someone who could use an uplifting chat. I wish you and your team all the Best! I would kindly ask for you and all members of your team to stay in touch.

Larry Finkenthal - CFO

I have been in an executive sales leadership position for over 15 years and realized in order for me to move forward with my next career move, I needed help! I have interviewed hundreds of executive leaders during my career but have only been on the other side of the table twice. I needed assistance with branding myself, identifying what I am truly passionate about, and the seemingly simple thing (that is not simple) of being the one interviewed! After searching many types of career coaching organizations, I was sold on Browning by their professionalism and approach to career coaching…but specifically their “looking behind the curtain” approach to who I am and what do I want. Working with Jerry Santamaria (my coach) and the entire specialist Browning team the owner, John, assigned to me, I received much more than what I thought I signed up for…Much more! If you are open-minded and still willing to learn the Browning Associates model of success, you will land in your dream career. I did. Thank you, Jerry, John, and the entire Browning Associates team. Five stars!!

Joseph Keeton - Vice President

In general, found the team to be very professional, caring, and at the highest level they guided and held me accountable to the discipline of the process. They helped develop my brand and I had many compliments on my resume and LinkedIn profile. My weekly meetings with Jerry were very helpful, and I appreciated his advice. I had a positive experience with Browning, and I would have no problem recommending their services to other professionals who are in career transition.

John White

Browning Associates was extremely helpful in my professional development. Mr. Jerry Santamaria worked alongside me and helped me realize the importance of networking and personal branding.

Joe Noonchester

James found something bigger than a new executive position; at least for now. We will provide him full support whenever and wherever needed now and in the future.

James Taumoepeau - Military

Hope all is well with you and your team! Things are great here in Louisville Kentucky and xxxxx is truly a wonderful company. I can see clearly why the good lord brought me here… There’s so much more we can do as a company to leverage technology to better serve the health of our members. There’s also a specific focus by our CEO to use technology to help our members live healthier lives and drive down the overall cost of healthcare for our members and the industry. In summary, I am grateful and truly happy serving the lord at xxxxx. And like we both discussed, the enemy will try to distract. Therefore, while networking is very important to me, it would also mean a lot if your team could continue to pray daily for folks like me who are in the battlefield. By the way, I’ve taken a couple of calls already for Browning. I see myself as a lifelong alumni so please keep the references coming… I am happy to do what I can to help you and your team succeed! My cell and texting is the best way for folks to reach me. God bless and please stay in touch. Would you also mind sending me an invite for the daily/noon prayer sessions too.

James Prem - CIO

Thanks Brother! The prayers, your faith, your work, your perspective and encouragement all mean so much to me. I can’t thank you enough!

Kevin Higgins - CFO

”How are you? Hope all is well. My current full-time job is just great! I’m just dropping you a note to say “hi” and to let you know that I continue to provide a lot of personal recommendations over the phone to your prospective clients. I’m happy to do it. I consider it all part of “paying it forward,” the virtues of which you helped make very clear. Have a great day, amigo. ”

John Persinos

I recently have been appointed the President of Empire Education Corporation! Empire Education Corporation owns Mildred Elley College which serves approximately 2,000 students with campuses in Manhattan (NY), Albany (NY) and Pittsfield (MA). My responsibilities as President at Empire Education Corporation include assisting the Chair of the Board of Directors with the academic, administrative and financial operations of the college. In addition, I will be raising capital and enhancing shareholder value. And, I will continue to provide high quality education to students. Looking forward to staying in contact.

John McGrath

Thank you so for the email and video. I enjoyed it very much and never get enough of hearing the message that He has risen. I want to thank you for the Browning service. It truly is God’s work and you guys have made such a big difference in my life. I am so happy I took that step to meet you and the others i.e. Mike, Melissa, Bob, Kaye and others. Great and wonderful people. Thanks again for everything and have a wonderful week. God bless you and the whole Browning team Respectfully,

John Magrane - Military Officer Ret.

The company I worked for shut down the facility that I was managing. Living in an area where jobs are not as plentiful in my area of expertise (high tech hardware and software systems), I searched for an executive recruiting company and came across Browning & Associates (B&A for short). After several discussions with them, I decided to go with them for my executive search. I initially met with John, B&A’s founder. John is a straight-forward, honest and passionate person to talk to and I was fairly convinced that I had made the correct choice. He assigned me to my personal adviser – Jerry. Jerry has years of experience in this business. His experience, straight talk, encouragement, and push kept me on track to get my search going. Getting a job of your choice is all about networking and Jerry drilled this and other facts into my head. It was a lot of work, and Jerry’s encouraging push kept me on track and drove me to do the stuff necessary to be successful. Jerry was there to lead me through several rejections and disappointments on this journey, and his attitude, positiveness, and faith in me kept my spirits high and my mood positive. A little more than three months after I started with Jerry, I was able to land a job that I think is ideally suited to me. And it happened through the networking that I cultivated with Jerry’s help. Words cannot express my gratitude and respect for B&A and Jerry and for their method. Yes, it costs to get this amazing service but it more than gets paid back in the contacts you make (hopefully for life) and the rewards you reap at the end. Thank you Jerry and B&A! I know this is long but let me know what you think and whether I need to reduce the length. Thanks Jerry!

Vish Rao - Technology Management Consulting

I used Browning Associates with great success. I just landed a new position with a 15% base pay raise, increased incentive compensation and equity. They assisted me with my executive summary, resume’ and LinkedIn profile. They helped me network effectively and assisted with my compensation negotiations. I am very pleased. It is a lot of work but their formula/process was highly effective in my case. I was terrible at networking but was forced to do it and it paid off.

Tom Geisler - Director Market Access

First and foremost; I pray you and all your families are healthy during this national health crisis. I am writing to personal thank each of you for educating me over the last several months. I want to thank each you of you for your efforts: Mike, your the first person I met. I enjoyed our conversations and thank you for motivating me when I needed it most. John, thank you for your vision and introducing me to the rest of your team; you put me in great hands. Melissa Bassano. Thank you for being my coach and mentor… I’ve learned so much from you, my confidence is through the roof, I’ll talk to anyone at anytime because of you. Kaye thank you as well for the amazing education you provided during our session as well as for my professional documentation. A special thanks for being patient with me while I fumbled through LinkedIn Debbie and Leigh thank you for your efforts in researching and introducing me to Browning contacts. I’ve had some amazing conversations. Keep them coming!!! I am extremely satisfied with my investment in Browning and I know one day that this investment will pay off. God Bless!!!

Ronny Robillard - Military Officer Ret.

Dear Team, Just wanted to give you a quick update at the end of week 2 of my new job with TXX -- life is grand!! I'm doing exactly the things I wanted to be doing and have even discovered a new love for the technology of broadcasting. Things are going quite well, we have some challenges, we are facing them head on, and already seeing early results. I know this is still the honeymoon period, but things are truly going well and even though I am gainfully (and happily) employed, I find myself still adhering to much of the advice you shared with me over the last several months. Not only did you assist my job search, I gained new life skills from our conversations -- thanks for that! Trust you are well,

Renee Sinclair - CEO

From: Valerie Dellocono To: Denise Jensen - Browning Assoc. Cc: Melissa Paolo-Corcoran Subject: Re: 5/1 - Outreach Email Letter - V. Dellocono Wow holy cow - what a response!! I didn't even see your e-mail until now because I've been so busy setting up calls with people who have responded - I have 9 calls I am in the midst of setting up between tomorrow and next Wednesday! I have been monitoring my inbox very closely! I think we are good until next week if you were planning on ending out another blast. I'm running out of room in my schedule to fit any more calls... Thanks so much, have a fantastic evening!

Valerie Dellocono - Senior Healthcare Executive

John Seraichyk is a true professional who knows the vital importance of networking for executive career advancement. His considerable experience in the field, his vast contacts, his outstanding staff and range of services make John and his company, Browning Associates, among the best in the business. John is a man of uncompromising integrity, decency, compassion and wisdom. He cares deeply about his clients and takes an active personal interest in their happiness and professional success. John Seraichyk is a corporate leader who integrates his strong faith and moral values with his professional life and lives out those beliefs in his relationships. John is a humble encourager and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I am pleased to enthusiastically recommend him

Jack Wyman

I am excited to join their team and the opportunities ahead. I will close with the most heartfelt “ thank you” to each of you, and the entire organization for your assistance and support these past 6 months. Your guidance and encouragement during this period of transition was invaluable.”

Howard A. Zimmerman -Board Member

John, I have been able to take what you were able to teach me and create the opportunity of a lifetime. Yesterday I was promoted to Vice President of Mortgage Originations.... It is a local bank with a great story and unlimited growth potential. The job provides me with unlimited earning potential, multi state opportunities, the ability to grown and fix current sales forces and teams. The overall long term view may even include a national sales force opportunity. With this being said as I remain loyal to you and would like to pay my success forward. I am now the sole decision for any sales related hires. If I can be an asset to you please do not hesitate to use me as a resource. Make it a great day!!!

Glen Gustafson - Vice President

“Last year I had the very good fortune to hire Browning Associates to assist me with an executive level job search. Their services and counsel were first rate. Browning tailored a very specific strategy for me in terms of location, industry, compensation, level of experience, and very importantly longer-term career goals and potential. They guided me through execution, helping me identify, research and contact potential employers. They prepared me for how to make and maintain networks, how to followup, how to interview and how to negotiation, plus personal branding of my resume and employer outreach. I received my first offer of employment within 4 months from a cold start, and a company that Browning helped me target continued to pursue me and subsequently hired me about 8 months later with meaningful salary and responsibility upside. What I appreciate the most of working with Browning’s is John Seraichyk’s servant leadership approach with his clients. The focus on their client is why Browning Associates is the best at what they do, very professional, always responsive and proactive. If I ever need executive level career advice and support Browning is definitely where I would go and the only Executive Search Consultant I would recommend. Now, I enjoy networking and helping out Browning’s new clients where I can.” Thanks John and team!

Eric Miller - CFO

I wanted to say how much I appreciated everyone involved in this process. Melissa was an awesome coach-my fear of her weekly calls made me work even harder to land a gig*:) happy. Mike talked me ‘off the ledge’ and his generous offering of a personal experience got me back on track. John’s sincerity and my admiration for his business mode, made the money I spent well worth it! My warm and grateful regards.

Douglas Spencer - Senior Vice President

"I’m writing to thank you once again for your invaluable assistance in locating me a new position in my area of expertise. I recently accepted an offer at a Fortune 100 company located about 30 minutes from my home. Do you realize this is now the third time since 1992 that you’ve assisted me in finding a challenging, high salary position in my field? I am totally convinced that your encouragement, insight, techniques, and principles were instrumental in landing me the position. In this particular situation my success was based on combining several of your fundamental concepts. Our relationship has spawned through two decades now and I consider us not business associates but good friends. Again, thank you for all your support."

Douglas P. Martin

I am absolutely blown away. I have been SWAMPED with your people – all in a good way. A few comments: MELISSA BASSANO – my “coach” – amazing person. Fantastic advice and counsel. So great to work with! PATRICK MOORE – my “resume writer” – COMPLETELY blew me away. I do not know how he boiled down my 37 years of pharmacy practice into an absolutely beautiful resume. He completely nailed it! KAYE BLOSSER – branding documents & my LinkedIn tutor. Again – unbelievable. Absolutely amazing. I would write more but I’m seriously swamped with stuff to do. To say that I’m impressed with Browning would be the understatement of a lifetime. Thanks so much for your amazing people. I’ll be in touch again soon with more status updates. Thanks for the blessing that your company has been to me in the last three short weeks.”

Doug Josephson- General Manager

Hi Team, Accepted the position at Hologic!!! They started at $3XXK but are going to come in at $XXXK.+ This level has the same bonus potential that I'm getting today. They will be coming in with a lot of stock... In addition, they are throwing in a $35,000 signing bonus. I'm really extremely pleased with the package... Thanks so much for all your help and pleased to be a referral for Browning Associates!!! Thanks,

David Zwald- Vice President

Browning was instrumental in me accomplishing this partnership and I recommend Browning services frequently. In fact, it was a Browning connection that introduced me to the investor. Your training on how to properly network is a life skill that I incorporate into my every day. I’m happy to report that I’ve ‘passed it forward’ by helping two friends successfully transition their careers. Thank you for the training and counsel that led to a successful conclusion. Browning is a great value. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to the entire team at Browning Associates,

David Mooney - President & CTO

Let me start off by saying that if you simply want to find your next Job – Browning is probably not the best choice for you. John has assembled an outstanding team of professionals and a process that will enable you to identify what your next move is and how to go about it. The process certainly takes more time than simply crafting an excellent resume (and they did that too). Like everything in life – you will get out of it what you put into it. If you do the homework, they ask of you. Work hard with your coach, and make the calls, you will grow personally and build lifetime skills. For me – John and the team were a real lifesavers. I moved to a MUCH better place and could not be happier for my investment As I stated at the top of this review – if you just want a job – call a headhunter. If you want a life changing vocation – call Browning

David Eisenbrandt - Vice President Manufacturing

Things are better than I could have imagined. Sheila is awesome and has been working with me to identify my true self, commodity box. Mellisa has created the first draft of my resume, WOW, is all I can say. I had an unbelievable opportunity land in my lap (literarily) that she is also working through with me, I truly believe orchestrated by God. I’m sure she will be sharing it with you. This journey has been better than I could for, thank you for the follow-up

David Baskin - Vice President

Greetings from the Sunshine State! I have accepted a position to head the Comp, Benefits and HRIS functions for WCI Communities in Bonita Springs, Florida. Thank you for all of your assistance during my most recent job search. Although my case certainly was not an easy one, your firm worked diligently to see my search through to success. I would like to thank all of you who have supported my search for Florida Opportunities. I found one that feels like a dream come true. The people here are as warm as the climate.

Scott Thibeault

I was offered a position with a Consumer Products Company this week. I accepted the position of Director of Sales-Eastern Region. It is definitely the hidden job market that a person has to search for. Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you again should the need arise

Scott Pulkkinen

Hi John, Sorry for the late response... I was out of the office for a bit. I've got a new job. I was able to connect with many other firms here in Denver, and my new organization is fantastic! I'm right at home here and love the work so's been a while since I felt this way and it is a blessing! You helped me learn the power of networking, which is EVERYTHING. Without it, you just can't manufacturer the type of success and opportunities without it. It's been amazing how my life has been transformed into the life I dreamed of. I couldn't be happier with my experience with Browning, and I strive to share whenever possible. Thank you again for everything. I look forward to assisting in anyway to help others achieve their dreams as well! Take care, and blessing to you and your family.

Rob Germain

Dear John: I would like to tell you at this point that I feel that I have made an excellent choice in retaining Browning Associates to help me in my search for a management level position. The professionalism and sincere desire shown thus far by Jack, John and yourself gives one the confidence that he or she will attain their foal and within a reasonable time frame. Knowing that there is a team of effort working on my behalf, doing whatever it takes to get the job done, is comforting indeed. In closing, I would like to make mention again, that I appreciate your sincere efforts and hopes that they will continue in every aspect of the job search.

Peter W. Izzi

Jerry: I wanted to let you know that the interview went very well this last week. They said that I would be getting an offer of employment from them this week. The tactics that you worked with me on worked so well. I felt like I was very prepared. Thank you for your persistence in working with me and guiding me the way that you did. Leave tonight for another interview. I'll let you know how that one goes too.

Paul Pirkle - President MBA

It’s been some time since I talked to you. The last time we chatted, I was telling you about my job offer from Roger Williams Medical Center. Let me just say that I’m now about three weeks into the new job and I’ve never been busier, met more people, or attended more meetings in my life. And I couldn’t be happier! The people are great, the pay is good, and the benefits are outstanding. I think I’ve finally found my niche.

Paul J. Lamarre

I have enjoyed working with Browning Associates. They have a process that works! They are with you every step of the way. Browning Assocites will really get your phone ringing. I would recommend John Seraichyk and his entire team to any executive making a career change. They truly know what you need.

Nancy Pluzdrak -Executive Director

Dear John, John, think about it: YOU DID THE IMPOSSIBLE; you got me back into the professional work force, as an ENGINEERING EXECUTIVE, when I was RETIRED FOR 2 YEARS and 9 Months (and I was 56 years old at the time of Re-entering the work force)! Or, as my wife says, closer to THREE YEARS! IT IS AN UNBELIEVABLE, but WONDERFUL STORY! But the BEST PART of the story is IT ONLY TOOK 60 DAYS, from when we first started sending out Branding Letters, to when the General Manager (here at Amphenol Alden Products Company) made me an OFFER, that I could not refuse! My raises and reviews have been STELLAR here, and I absolutely LOVE working here (it is 2 years and 1 month as of today)! I tell your referrals this story, and they tell me that they are going to RUN TO BROWNING RIGHT NOW! I also tell them the story of how I cheated ,with old fashioned Resume’s sent to companies that were advertising needs for my field of expertise, BUT DID NOT GET ONE SINGLE NIBBLE (which is exactly what you told me would happen)! JOHN, you know and I know, that ONLY THE BROWNING METHODOLOGY could have worked for me! That is why I am a HAPPY COWBOY! Doing what I LOVE, and working from 7AM till the late evening hours! JOHN, SEND ME MORE REFERRALS, and they will be breaking your door down to sign up with you! Talk to you later, I am ready to start my first of FIVE meetings today!

Mike Yashin

Hey guys! Man what a trip. I never thought landing the exact career position I was looking for would be such a difficult process. I really must thank you for being there every step of the way and making my success a reality. Thanks again. I will certainly recommend your firm to others...

Michael Capaldo

Dear John: I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for all your help in my career search. Your advice and encouragement provided me with the support I needed in facing a tough job market. By using your methods to make contacts, I was able to gain confidence in dealing with the people in my field. Your interview training helped me to be prepared and assertive in my meetings with company representatives. Your guidance in these areas helped me to achieve my goal of securing an engineering position with a local company. As a ____ with Toray Plastics America, I have a position with a strong company which offers an excellent starting salary and benefits. Again I thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. I wish you further success, and I will be sure to keep in touch with you in the future.

Mark O. Veader

Hi Melanie and Jerry & Team, I just wanted you to know that I have accepted the offer from Sxxxx Dxxxx in Charleston, SC to become their Senior VP Sales and Marketing and President/CEO of SXXX Sales Inc (US sales subsidiary). They met my salary and bonus requirements, provided a sizable sign on bonus and will allow me to work from home for the next year and a half until I take over as the President/CEO of SXXXX DXXXX Carbon. They provided a very strong relocation package and their benefits are the best I have ever seen. I just want to thank you for all your support. I know this great opportunity would not have been landed without your help and guidance. Melanie, I would like to have a call with you to wrap up our discussions and so that I can follow up on any next steps I need to take to manage the process. Please let me know when you will be available for a short call. Next week would be better for me if ok with you. Thanks

Mark Lamoureaux

The job I accepted was advertised but it was somebody in the network who saw it and got me in touch – My offer came in much higher than I thought – Thanks so much for your help, always happy to be a reference for Browning Associates.

Lisa Matthews

Mission Accomplished! I was offered and have accepted a position with Allied Business Documents. We're still processing the paper work, but Im tentatively set to begin after Labor Day. Thank you for all your help these past months. Successfully making a career shift brings a great feeling of accomplishment. This process isn't an easy one, but it sure pays to be persistent.

Linda M Kenney

Hello John, great to hear from you. My new position is going very well thank you!!! Say hi to your team for me. Take care.

Linda Dahlmeyer

Hi Jerry, So Northwestern Mutual rescheduled my interview for today at 1 PM and I nailed it. After 15 minutes of them asking me questions, they told me they didn't need to hear anymore. They wanted to know when I could come into the office and meet the entire team. I am scheduled for 4 March 12 PM CST. Your coaching helped a ton and I definitely made the interview about them. Your tip to pretend that I already have the job and answer the questions in that fashion worked like a charm. I brought every question's answer back to how my skill sets / experience could apply to this job and their company.


Melissa, THANK-YOU!!! THANK-YOU!!! THANK-YOU!! Got the C-Suite position I was looking for with a wonderful salary and bonus that exceeds my expectations. One of my contacts called with an opportunity at a plastic injection molding firm. I was able to arrange an interview. During the interview and Plant tour I encountered two more of my previous contacts. The coincidence made for quite an exciting interview experience. The Browning Equation Works!!!! I was blessed with a tenacious coach like you. Again, thanks for the help.

Kenneth Williams - President & COO

Dear John, --- A letter from 1992 I want to thank you for assisting in making my job offer possible. The test was as you described, and your referral to the book “How to Get the Best Jobs in Data Processing” was also helpful. Your working with me to rewrite my resume was a TREMENDOUS asset to me, as my previous resume lacked the kind of focus and emphasis I needed to say: “I have valuable skills and experience and I AM a viable candidate.” Your suggestions to condense and capsulize my resume in some areas and to restructure and highlight it in others made ALL the difference, essential revisions gave a very positive first impression to the Personnel Manager. Your suggestions for interviewing also helped me feel more confident, and our professionalism over the telephone and excellent referral really impressed the company. Again, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to prove myself in a first-rate company.

Karyn Jones

John Seraichyk and Browning Associates services were nothing short of superb. Not only did we work together to identify my career goals, but you assisted me in seeking out the right companies. Additionally, your coaching for the three job interviews you helped me land, was extremely helpful. Thanks to your assistance, I have received two job offers. As of today, I have accepted a position at one of those companies. Because of your outstanding work, I would gladly be a reference for any potential clients who may be considering your services. Therefore, you have my permission to release my phone number to them.

Joseph Leander

John, When I first heard about Browning Associates, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical regarding results. I decided to call and find out about Browning’s business model. It was during that first conversation with one of your team members when I learned that your model – methodology has been designed to succeed. Now I am a true believer and will recommend Browning Associates to anyone who is looking for an executive position in the 6 figures. You never put it in writing but certainly I am one of your clients that serve as evidence that your model works in 60 days. From the day we decided to join our efforts to the date I received two different offers was very close to 60 days. I am glad I had the opportunity to work with you and your team to find my new position. I am writing you to thank you for your invaluable assistance; you and your team are true professionals

Jose Luis Aguilar

I really appreciate all of the work you have done for me, and can’t thank you enough for what this new beginning means to me. To be honest with you, I was becoming extremely embittered with job hunting. I have been looking for over a year with absolutely no success. In less than three months, I landed with an excellent company. Thank you for being straight and partnering with me throughout the entire search campaign. I truly admire your work ethics and values. I am glad o see there are still honest hard working people left in this world.

John S. Goracy - Entrepreneur

I want to make sure that you were aware of my appreciation of your continual support throughout the 2 month process, and the many different paths we took to achieve our goal. In the end, I have two viable, The Business Management firm in the private sector and the Corporate Management position in the public sector. Your process provided me with choices, and that was all I needed. I chose to return to the public sector and it has proven to be the correct choice, both for piece of mind and soul. I am doing what I do best; Lead.

John Marine

I apologize for not writing you sooner but with accepting the new position with Chase, leaving Sportworks, the Holidays and moving I truly have not had too many free moments over the past few months to sit down and write you a letter. I first want to thank you for all your help and guidance. I am looking forward to talking with you before I have my six-month review in June. At that time I would also like you to update my resume.Well the new job has been quite a change retail and manufacturing have very little in common. It has taken me a while to adjust and I still am, but for the most part I am doing pretty well. The hours are long; 5:50 a.m. to 5:30-6:00 p.m. but the people are nice, so far so good. I don’t think this is what I want to do for the rest of my life but I am learning and gaining valuable experience, which is why I took the position. Please note my new address and phone number and I look forward to talking with you in the near future. Thanks again.

John D. Wait

Dear John: I would like to thank you ever so much for all of the assistance in getting my career on track. In just three short months, I went from having no clue how to find employment to becoming a confident professional. The position you helped me to attain, at Tucker Anthony in Boston, is providing me with vital experience I will need throughout my entire career. With the job market as competitive as it is in the Boston area, your program is the only one that could have gotten me where I am today. Your methods are amazing and I am living proof that they actually work. If I had realized how simple you make it to find employment, I would have called a lot sooner.

John A. O'Herron

John Seraichyk, CEO Browning Associates is a true professional who brings extreme value to his clients. His passion and drive for success is unmatched within the industry. Anyone that is considering using John's firm should consider themselves lucky to be chosen.

Jim Polhemus - VP Operations Insurance

I want to thank you for your tremendous help with my employment search. Your search tactics, and access to an extensive network resulted in me accepting a position with the first company I interviewed with! Thanks again for all your help! Thank you very much again and hope to talk to you soon.

Jenny Wang

Hello Team So......while waiting to hear if I will have an opportunity to talk with the CEO of Caravan Health Care, I now have a first interview with a Company that has created a software package for Contractors, Bangert, the GM and I went to K-State together, of which they are looking for a Head of Sales, i.e. ME. In addition I was contacted by the owner of Helix Steel who wants to have a first interview Friday afternoon at 3:30 pm. I am very much interested in the Bangert, Head of Sales Role, I have experience working with similar software packages, as we have created our own software to offer to our residential contractors. Dirk played football at K-State and the majority of the team are all former athletes...I think this one might have been made for me.... I will be doing my homework tonight and will reach out tomorrow to bounce a few things off of you. I have goose bumps right now as this is what we have been working towards and now it gets real. So excited to get to work on building my future. I have included all of you in this email as it's because of what you have done for me that I am capable of pursuing my future for myself and my family. I pray that each of you can feel the appreciation and excitement that is within me, and I assure you those that will give me the opportunity to lead their organization will benefit from those same emotions that have been created through your work. All the best and now we get to work! Thank you for everything you all have done for me thus for and in advance for all we will do together as we move forward.

Jeffrey Wilkinson Executive Director

Thank you so much and appreciate you and your team's crucial support in achieving this goal! I appreciate your continued assistance and will be sure to keep in touch. I would be delighted to be part of your Browning network as well as leave positive feed back. What would be the best way to leave the feedback? Thank you again for everything and this experience has been amazing!

Jason Taylor - Vice President - Former Military

My Precious Brother John, I wanted to say thank you for all of your prayers and thoughtfulness, encouraging words, spurring me on doing life, I didn't want another busy day to go by without telling you how thankful a good God put us together. Somehow I know our paths have crossed and have been eternally bonded, Keep the good fight, I am doing life with all my might with Jesus, and you had a part, please share with the rest of the team God is so good, at doing what he does, Its a great STORY. 100000000, Words of Thanks.

Herb Pearce - Vice President

I wish to thank you and your outstanding staff for their usual high-standard of service and professionalism. Having dealt with your services in the past, your organization has come through time and again and I look forward to a continued, positive relationship.

Gregory Bachand

Thank you john. This means a lot to me. I am surrendering to God's will and am excited. Your support made this possible.

Stephen Ronstrom

Please accept my apologies for not writing sooner. I must truly thank you for your undying support, guidance and knowledge during my search. I have finally landed with a company that I truly believe will be the catalyst for my long-term career success.

Susan Damiano

It has been just seven weeks since we began working together and I have had a number of interviews and job prospect inquiries with respect to my career search. Yesterday I accepted a position with a company which I feel will enable me to further advance my career goals.

Tara Capobianco

After being downsized from my position spanning more than fifteen years, I found myself in a very difficult situation. I hired your services because I wanted to make a career change and didn't know where to begin. The work that your staff provided was priceless. Thank you! I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking to change careers or find new employment.

Ted Holgate

Well I had an interview with Linscomb and Williams on Friday_It went very well. I met with Dan Linscomb, Harold Williams, Walter Christopherson and Heidi Davis, talk about heavy hitters!!!!! I have a 2nd interview on my birthday to look over their exhibits and I imagine talk specifics. I feel fairly confident and am looking forward to seeing them again. I cannot thank you enough for helping me through this.

Tiffinay Searcy

Dear John: I want to thank you and John for providing great service and advice over the past few months. Your career development plan truly does work. In a mere four months I was able to get the position I wanted as an Accountant Coordinator in the advertising industry. My lack of any work experience along with the tremendous competition in the industry made this a tremendous accomplishment. Also, the experience I gained from this job search campaign will help me throughout my career. I have learned how to effectively market myself and target job opportunities. I would recommend your service to anyone and would be happy to help Browning Associates in any way I can. Thank you again for your guidance, your experience, and your patience.

Tim Davis

John, Thank you for your help in finding me a job. Your job search techniques are unique and highly successful, especially with our economy the way it is today. Any advantages that you can get over any of the other job seekers in the market is helpful, and you have provided me with these skills. These skills will also prove to be advantageous in the future as I will use them not only to find higher quality positions, but in the positions themselves. Once again I thank you and good luck

Tim Tondel

The Browning Associates Team; particularly Melissa was extremely helpful in advising and leading my search for executive level employment. The networking and rebranding strategies assisting me landing a global leadership role above my required compensation requirements. I highly recommend Browning Associates, as the returns far surpass the investment."

Tom S

Greetings John — I’m deep into my search campaign — building momentum every day. I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your wisdom in assigning Sheila to support and guide my campaign. I of course benefit from the myriad of networking insights, tactics and strategies she shares with me regularly. Equally important, though, she is a mentor, counselor and friend. Her knowledge of effective networking has been matched by her understanding of me, my circumstances, my aspirations, my fears and my character. In her capable hands I feel like I’m not just looking for a job but am on a mission to find the fulfillment that comes from aligning with the best opportunity for me in this economy and at this critical stage of my career. John, I’m more hopeful than ever before about my prospects — a place and state of mind directly attributable to Sheila’s wise counsel and unwavering support. Thank you. Thank you. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Tony Mitchell

Thanks to you I was able to secure an important position with one of the top woman's hospitals in the country. I also know that my opportunities do not stop here. Thank you again for helping me to be a success.

Valeria Lope

Hi John, Thank you so much for your email. Everything is going great. Today was my second day in my new job an I am really enjoying it. I think it is a great fit for me and and would not have happened without your teams help. THANKS! I would love to catch up. Would sometime next week work for you? I am traveling this week but I think I will be back in Denver on Monday. So far my week looks pretty open. What time and day would work for you.


John, The networking I have done within The Browning Associates Network has lead to a VP position with Amazon over last two months is accelerating my next career opportunities. Expecting an offer for VP of Operations position soon and Amazon is requesting 8th interview for an Amazon Center of Excellence position. Three other offers, not quite in location I am seeking. I am always open to expanding my network and helping others so I have attached my latest resume for you to share as you like. I've already helped someone get a job after just one phone call with him!

Zeno Rausa

“Hi Team,
 I was offered a position and accepted at $2XX. What they budgeted for the position was pretty much what the CFO was making prior!!! official employment starts Aug 1 Thanks for all your help!”

George Ethymiou - Partner

I wanted to take the time and say thank you for your help during my job search. The assistance your firm provided was invaluable and your straightforward approach was really appreciated. Looking to change my career was a stressful time, not only for me but my family as well. Having a professional group that provided regular consistent support, a powerful knowledge base and a highly effective human network, made the experience a tremendous success.

Gene Quinn

Hi John, Just wanted to let you know that I am planning to accept an offer with an advertising agency as their head of New Business and M&A. We have verbally agreed to terms and I am starting on Wednesday. I have another offer coming from another company, too. But as soon as I have the paperwork I'm going to cancel my next meeting with them because I know that offer will be about half of what the first offer is. So the search went very well and I'm very excited to start next week. Thanks so much for your help and service! The process works.

Felicia Lindau - Chief Business Development Officer

My experience was extremely positive. The firm has an extensive referral network, from which I was able to garner short-term leads/opportunities that led to a great career move. More importantly, the associates at Browning are professional and knowledgeable, and they facilitated managing the entire career search experience… from determining the next portion of my career path, introducing executive referrals, managing outreach (including cover letter and resume setup, as well as social media optimization), firm research for those companies I contemplated for my next role, and even in negotiation of compensation plans. I highly recommend Browning Associates, as the Return On Investment is well worth it

Ed Robinson - Banking & Mortgage Executive

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of gratitude. It has been just six weeks since we started working together and I already have four interviews lined up! It is definitely the unpublished job market that must be sought! Thanks again. I look forward to an ongoing partnership with Browning Associates

Douglas Martin

John: It has been several months since you and I have spoken. So, I just thought I would drop you a note to let your know how things are going. My Executive Career Consultant is Sheila Jones. Sheila is definitely one of your biggest assets! Sheila and I speak at least weekly, and if needed more often. Our phone conversations consist of: ways to build my network in a new area, how to present myself in a stronger manner, how to relate my skills to be beneficial to the person/company, materials to read and review to benefit my career opportunity search, and how to negotiate for additional items. I am very pleased with the service, advice and coaching that I am receiving through Browning Associates. And I thank God that our paths have crossed during my search for a new career opportunity. Wishing a productive and blessed day!

Donna Johnson - Financial Executive

Melanie (and your team) were really instrumental … I owe her (you all) eternal gratitude! God Bless you all...

Dimitris Papageorgiou Senior Director - Salesforce

Melanie, After a lot of discussions and negotiations, they offered me the CEO position initially but only if I agreed to relocate there. I said no and turned the offer down. Three days later they came back to me and agreed that it wasn't necessary for me to move there and offered the arrangement on a commuting basis. Thanks for your continuing support

David Nicholas

I am writing to extend my sincerest thanks to you and those at your firm for making my career transition a success. Your creativity generated paths around obstacles I never imagined could be overcome. I cant say enough of what you have done for me and my family. You have successfully assisted me in doing what I thought was impossible. I am home with my family, doing a job I absolutely love and my compensation is finally commensurate with my capabilities. I can honestly recommend your services to ANY professional considering a job change or career transition.

David Ledoux

Hello Melanie and John, I have accepted a position at DXP Enterprises (public distribution company) in Houston, Texas working for the Chairman and CEO, running their Industrial and Safety divisions. I am serving on two boards as well and am in conversation for a third. All the best to the Browning team and my appreciation to everyone involved and assisting.

David Key - CEO

Hi Melanie, Wanted to confirm that I have accepted the offer that was presented to me in Houston and am in the process of readying our PA home for sale and the relocatin exercises. Thank you for all of your help, advice and guidance over the past several weeks. I learned a lot and the Browning process was the primary reason I landed this opportunity and was confident enough to negoatiate once we agreed the role. Once again, my sincere thanks to you and the team

Dave Clarke - Manufacturing Executive

Dear John and Jerry: Thanks again for all of your assistance with my job search. Your help and advise enabled me to obtain a $xxxxxxx a week salary, civil engineering position with the Massachusetts Highway Department. In particular, your career development program provided me with much needed job hunting tools from ways to improve my resume and cover letters to the development of superior interviewing and self marketing skills. Furthermore, I found out about this position by sending out a broadcast letter to one of the engineering managers at the department (a technique I learned from you). I have enjoyed working with you and wish you further success in the future.

“I was offered the job, and I know you mentioned to speak with you first, but I accepted since they came up from $2XX to $2XX+. The top amount was $XXX, but since I have no experience in Health Care, I was very pleased. (A Career Change!) My start date is Feb 2 . Thanks,”

Craig Handelsman -Senior Health Care IT

Thank you John. Browning did a very good job throughout the process. Your staff was very professional in every regard. I ultimately received three very strong offers in one weekend. The contact for the offer that I ultimately accepted came as a result of a discussion with a Browning contact referral. The other offers came through my personal network. I would appreciate an update of my resume with the new job. Should I work through Melanie on that final task? Thanks again. It was a job well.done.

Chuck Grogan - Senior Vice President Operations

I just want to take this opportunity to express my thanks for the assistance you gave me in my search... Your program gave me the tools and the direction I needed to get my job search on track. With your help I was able to land a job in my field, with one of Fortune’s 100 fastest growing companies, in less than two months after starting your program. Thanks again for all of your help!

Bryan Hallas - VP Information Systems

Dear John, Blast from the past - Letter from 1992 I had a hard year at GCA in Andover, MA. The company just could not survive their struggle. It was hard to see an optical research and development company go out of business after existing since 1953. The company had been in real trouble since 1988 when the recession started. After accepting the offer, I was informed that the company had not hired any entry level engineers since 1988, when the economy started to show signs of a slump. Though business had not improved when I started to inquire into the company, I was hired only on the fact that the personnel department thought I was an interesting candidate to hire. They told me that they thought my approach was innovative. Based on how I handled inquiring for an entry-level positions, they felt I would contribute an interesting approach to some of the existing problems in the optical research department. I must admit, most of the key points they commented on was based on the advice that I took from you. I can’t thank you enough. I never thought I would be writing a Dear John letter again, but I am looking forward to working with you again. I feel fortunate to have gained experience in optical physics, I am sure we will be successful again. Hopefully next time with a company that will stay in business. Please accept my apology for not contacting you when I got the job. I will be available to meet with you anytime.

Bruce Lavoie

I would just like to thank you all for your help over the past few months. I just accepted a new position that will bring my career to the next level. The process was intense and everything from the tremendous resume and all the coaching paid off! You are an outstanding group of people and I learned a lot. By the time I began the telephone interviews, I was definitely prepared and the intense 9 hour day of face to face interviews was truly a 9 hour back and forth conversation with different people. Of the opportunities I had to choose from, this definitely felt right and I really feel I fit in with the culture of the organization. Thanks again and may God continue to bless you all!

Brian Rauzi

John, YES. I'm having fun! I now see the way forward for this division and I'm getting the strategy into a board level presentation while also meeting people, putting the new organization together, calling on important customers, purchasing a condo in Hanover NH with all new furnishings and the list goes on... I've always loved juggling many things at once so I'm really pleased. Thanks for asking! Mr. Robert Quinn Just landed a position as a Division President for a Global services company... Bob's task is to bring this fledgling division from incubator to $100 million plus in the next year... The compensation is in excess of $400k ++ He has agreed to be a great reference for Browning Associates!

Bob Quinn - Vice President

Hello Team, I did accept an offer. The final tally is total salary/compensation will be $XXX with an extra week of vacation this year and 4 weeks of vacation per year starting next year. I will be starting 29 July. Thanks for all the help. For the next 6 to 8 weeks, I’d like to get the move completed and get my head around the job just a bit and then if you are okay with the plan, we can work on some networking and begin laying just a bit of ground work for jobs in the Pacific Northwest in the 3 to 5 year time frame.


John Great to hear from you. Unfortunately the company pulled the plug on its U.S. sales force in June and is going through proceedings to file Chapter 11. We never got our severance or last commissions. FORTUNATELY, I now know what to do thanks to working with you and your outstanding team and cranked up the networking level a few notches. I am in the last phase of interviews on a very good job which should be concluded by weeks end or early next week. And yes I did get my resume updated which certainly helped. I will shoot you a note when I sign on the dotted line. Many thanks, again!

Bill Nedvidek

I Spoke with Bill this week. Although he landed pereviously..All the work we did resulted in a bigger and better offer that he could not refuse...Man we all worked very hard on this campaign! But as always, you reap what you sow...Bill accepted an offer from a San Francisco based company at double his present base salary, more upside and everything else under the sun! He is working from home and travels the East Coast.. "Thanks John to you and team. I am pleased to tell others of my successes with Browning and to help existing clients with referrals and notifications of opportunities in my new company!"

Bill Le Beau - Regional Sales Manager

Our God is an awesome God.” How do I know this, because he sent you all. I thought I should share my experience with your company and Larry can share his when he gets a moment. I know the only way to thank you is to pay your kindness forward so I am sending this note below. You have my permission to use it or edit it in any way for publication. I am happy also to take any calls from anyone regarding a recommendation. God bless you all. May your kindness, goodness and blessings be multiplied 1000 fold.

Betsy Orman - Educator

Knowledgeable, capable, competent! As a college professor who teaches career counseling, I am super impressed with the experience, wisdom, and professionalism of this group. They understand the challenge of looking for an executive job. They have the experience to help. And most importantly, their heart and motivation are in the right place. They know that by helping you succeed they succeed. Recommend them highly.

Betsy Halpert Orman - Educator

The real reason behind my message is simply to say thank you – again. And to call out the performance of two of your employees. Specifically Melissa and Carol. I couldn’t do this without Melissa, truly I couldn’t. Her coaching, strategy and on-point advice have turned me into a networking powerhouse. It’s fun. Hard, but fun. Carol .. she’s a catch. I’ve told Melissa and I’ll tell you too; she’s a cut above. She gives me a great executive summary of each referral, her conversation with them etc., and she leaves THEM excited to network / talk to me. She takes the cold right out of cold-calling. I’ve never talked to her in person, but boy do I owe her a thank you and a handshake. I’m sure I’ll get the chance to speak to both of you again, but for now I wanted to make sure I let you know how great these two employees are. They (and Leigh is dang good too!) are making this process easier than I imagine anyone could ask for.

Benjamin T. Shotzberger -Operations Management

Dear Mr. Santamaria, Thank you for your assistance in helping me obtain a position with Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation. It was exactly the position I was looking for and know that your services were invaluable to me in this achievement. Your aid in improving my interviewing techniques were essential in helping me land the position in that they provided me with the skills I needed to make the interview work for me rather than against me. I also appreciate your assistance in all the other areas of my career transition. I am extremely happy with the position that I received and am very grateful for your assistance. I wish you continued success in your career and future endeavors.

Ann Marie Damiano

Hi John, I had a great association with you and Browning. I take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done and wishing you, the Browning family and your loved ones a healthy and successful 2019.

Anil Jain - Chief Commercial Officer

With your services help, I was meeting with two or three people a week, making contacts and making excellent progress towards obtaining a new career position; I was also researching companies and making informed intelligent decisions about where to look. I found the right job in just two and a half months. Once again, I would like to thank you for all of your time and effort on my behalf.

Andrew Goldman

Dear Mr. Seraichyk: I want to thank you very much for all of the help that you gave me during my job search. After having been turned down six times from Fleet Bank I have just accepted a position in the Corporate Trust Department. I had been searching for a job for over a year on my own and after only three months of working with Jerry and yourself I am ready to begin my career. I greatly appreciate all that you have done for me. Feel free to use my name as a reference for any future clients you may have.

Allen Bernier - Vice President Banking

Thank you very much for assisting me with finding the career position I wanted. You told me that within in a few months I would have the position I hoped for, and you were right. Through working together we were able to target companies that I was interested in. In just over sixty days from when we first met, I accepted a job with at a salary greater than I anticipated. If it weren't for your services, I would still be blindly submitting resumes to companies that I really wasn't interested in.

Alexander Lyon

I want to thank you for your tremendous help with my career search. Your methods, access to the extensive databases and expert assistance resulted in me accepting a position with the first company I interviewed with!

Alexander Lyons

Congratulations to Tom Roberts President, Biopharma - US Operations. - We look forward to continuing our relationship with you Tom and hope you will remain as an active participant in our network...

Tom Roberts - President

We are thrilled to share a success story from Browning Associates featuring Mark McElhinney, a highly accomplished professional who has recently joined xxxxxx xxxxxxx corp. as the CEO and Head of their US Office! Mark's new role at xxxxxx xxxxxxx is a testament to his exceptional leadership skills and extensive experience in the industry. With his impressive track record, it comes as no surprise that he has been appointed as the CEO, entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the company's operations and spearheading their expansion into the US market. To reward Mark for his invaluable contributions, xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx has put together an attractive compensation package. Mark's new role at Pxxxxxx xxxx is no small feat, as he will be wearing many hats to successfully establish their US office. However, we have full confidence that Mark's exceptional skills and leadership abilities will lead to great accomplishments for both him and the company. At Browning Associates, we take immense pride in being the catalyst for career advancements and connections that bring about success stories like Mark's. It has been an absolute pleasure assisting Mark throughout his journey, and we are excited to witness his continued growth and achievements. If you are seeking opportunities to take your career to new heights, we encourage you to join us at Browning Associates. With our extensive network and expertise, we are dedicated to propelling professionals towards their desired goals and helping them realize their full potential.

Mark McElhinney - CEO

We extend our warmest congratulations to Brodie on his well-deserved success. His story showcases the fruitful outcomes that can be achieved through determination, a strong network, and the right guidance. If you, too, are seeking career advancement and fulfillment, we invite you to join us at Browning Associates. Together, we can navigate the exciting landscape of opportunities and find the perfect fit for your talents and ambitions.

Brodie Johnson

Thanks John for the congratulatory email. Your team has been exceptional during the whole process. Melanie is a God sent and I am glad I had the opportunity to meet and work with her. She not only kept me on my critical path, but was motivational and very inspirational for achieving this critical milestone. I will take time to write a testimonial and fill out any critiques as required. Furthermore, I finally understand the power of networking and will take time to improve my new skill set. Once at Amazon, I will reach out for a resume update. Lastly, I am available to network with current and future clients.

Anthony Harrell - Military Officer Ret.

I did make a decision!! I’m going to Dealer Policy. They defined my potential more clearly to be $xxx,000. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help! You have been instrumental in this process and I’m truly a believer in the Browning model. Once I confirm everything I will let you know what my start date is. Thank you again!

Mike Kenton - Vice President

Dear Melissa and team, I have very good news! I received two offers one for my choice of location in Minneapolis or Vancouver as a trust manager with US Bank. The second is for VP of legal affairs and trusted ministration located in Delaware. The position in Delaware was more lucrative and I enjoyed the female leader ship in the company so I am joining the Delaware position. I want to explain to you that similar to the concept that all companies, regardless of location, locate themselves in Delaware, trusts and very large trusts want situs in Delaware due to the favorable tax and legal laws. This is a $10 billion trust company. As such, it is a perfect place for me to sharpen my saw regarding all of the fun complex things you can do with the trust in a state like Delaware (which don’t exist in other states because these complex structures are state law. For instants Minnesota does not allow decanting and silent trusts. I want to let you know that each of you were integral in this process. The weekly meetings with you, your coaching; the interview coach gentlemen; the initial Recruiter Rob who talked to me several times over a 1 year period before I signed up; the online presence LinkedIn professional; The owner of your company; and EVERYONE else on your team including Denise regarding my list, you guys have all helped make it happen. It takes a team! One last thing, you need to know is that this is a 200 K position (exactly 200 K, no more or no less but 200 K nonetheless) so your ads which claim that you assist people with getting 200 K positions are accurate! Stay tuned, peace and blessings, prayers to all of you and your families!

Susan Rosenberg - Chief Wealth Mgmt. Officer

I have found a new position and I am very excited about it. I will be COO of a French company (Mxxxx) and in charge of 6 facilities located in France, UK, Germany and Turkey. This is same industry as the one I come from and it is a growing company that I have always admired. My office will be located in Annecy, South east of France, in the middle of the Alpes which is lovely place to live. So I am really excited to start in January!

Eric Lepine - Chief Operations Officer

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - REAL PEOPLE, REAL SUCCESS! Congratulations to Ryan Tiller from the entire team at Browning Associates.

Ryan Tiller - VP, COO

ANOTHER BROWNING ASSOCIATES SUCCESS STORY - REAL PEOPLE, REAL SUCCESS! Congratulations to Dale Evans from the entire team at Browning Associates.

Dale Evans, PMO

This Monday morning marked a transformative moment as Jerry joyously embraced a new chapter, commencing his role on January 8th with boundless enthusiasm 🥳. In Jerry's own words, "The last 20 years of my career have uniquely prepared me for this role and company, creating an ideal match for where I am in my professional journey." Thrilled beyond measure, Jerry expresses gratitude for joining forces with a company, a team, and a role perfectly aligned with his aspirations for enduring happiness—an outcome he once deemed improbable.

Jerry Merwin, MBA, CHFM, CHE

We are delighted to share a remarkable success story featuring Carolin Soldo, who is now a valued member of our Browning Associates family as a Client Engagement Director. Carolin came to Browning Associates seeking a career opportunity that would allow her to utilize her exceptional skills, make a significant impact, and experience personal and professional growth. With our mutual unwavering dedication, we were thrilled to support Carolin as she connected with this incredible opportunity in her desired role. To further recognize Carolin's outstanding performance and contributions, she has been awarded an impressive bonus. This bonus serves as a testament to her dedicated work ethic and the positive impact she has made within her role. In addition to the financial rewards, Carolin is also provided with excellent benefits that prioritize her well-being and ensure her overall satisfaction. These benefits not only provide stability but also support her personal growth and development. Carolin's journey exemplifies the transformative power of finding the right career fit through Browning Associates. We are committed to helping professionals like Carolin navigate their path, connecting them with opportunities that align with their passions and maximize their unique talents. To Carolin, we extend our heartfelt congratulations on her exceptional success and express our pride in being part of her journey. Her achievements serve as an inspiration for others, demonstrating what can be accomplished with determination, expertise, and the support of Browning Associates. If you are seeking similar career advancement and fulfillment, we invite you to entrust Browning Associates to guide you on your own path towards success, where your potential is maximized, and your growth is enabled.

Carolin Soldo

Dear John and Jerry, I wanted to thank you for the support, guidance and dedication you supplied to me during my job search. Without the BA program, would surely still be receiving those terrible rejection letters, wondering if I would ever have the opportunity to apply my skills in an engineering atmosphere. The BA program really worked! The personal marketing skills, interpersonal skills, interviewing skills and career search strategies I have learned using the BA program will certainly benefit me in the future. As a matter of fact, the phone skills I learned form the BA program are already benefiting me as I attempt to establish contact individuals through my vendors and manufacturers. Once more, I want to thank you for your professionalism, commitment and dedication during my job search. Without the BA program I would not have attained a ground floor position as an Instrument Engineering Technician with Liquid Carbonic Industries Corporation. Sincerely, Nicholas A. Tamburrino

Nicholas A. Tamburrino

Dear John Seraichyk: I am writing this letter to thank you for your invaluable assistance in helping me improve my interviewing skills which has led me to finding my current position with AMA, Ltd. My title is XXXXXXXXXX and my duties include: troubleshooting program bugs and network management and maintenance. A lot of duties yes, but the personnel I work with at the Naval Base, which is where I have been contracted to work at, have given me an adequate schedule to fit myself in comfortably as well as the utmost confidence in my abilities and experience in helping them out. With your help in honing down and improving my interview techniques, I was able to proceed through my final interview with AMA with an extra dose of confidence. Over the course of many interviews with many companies, I gathered together much information about how to dress, answering and asking questions, proper conduct and most importantly to sharpen my professional image. It is true that practice does make perfect and with your help pinpointing out my mistakes about what I was doing wrong and how to correct them as well as giving me a few extra pointers, I have been able to properly motivate myself to become better at going through the interview process. I am sure that this will stay with me for a long time to come. Again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you have given me. If you would like to use my name as a helpful reference to one of your clients, I would be honored. It is the least I could do to thank you. Sincerely, Kevin P. Daglieri

Kevin P. Daglieri

Dear John, I would like to sincerely thank you for your efforts in helping me find a job. After graduating from the University of Rhode Island in May I was having some difficulty finding a job that pertained to my major, computer science. The recession really put a damper on the amount of hiring in computer corporations. And Rhode Island seemed to be the state that was affected the most. At first I was apprehensive about having to relocate to another state if indeed a job was offered to me. Ironically I was offered a job in Connecticut, working for Keane, Inc. The job is incredible so far and I look at it as being a “golden opportunity” for me to get involved in the business world. I owe you the credit for getting me this job. If it wasn’t for you I would have never known about Keane, Inc. Once again thanks for your efforts! Sincerely, Timothy P. Taft

Timothy P. Taft

Dear Mr. Santamaria, Thank you for your assistance in helping me obtain a position with Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation. It was exactly the position I was looking for and know that your services were invaluable to me in this achievement. Your aid in improving my interviewing techniques were essential in helping me land the position in that they provided me with the skills I needed to make the interview work for me rather than against me. I also appreciate your assistance in all the other areas of my career transition. Ann Marie Damiano

Ann Marie Damiano

Dear Mr. Seraichyk, I really appreciate all of the work you have done for me, and can’t possibly pay you enough to show you how much this job means to me. To be honest with you, I was getting very discouraged with job hunting. I have been looking for about two years with absolutely no success. I thought that with my grades and the way the economy is I was going to have to landscape forever. Then I called you, and in less than three months you landed me an excellent job with an excellent company. Now I can finally relax and do what I went to college for rather than my four other garbage jobs. Plus my career path is now well on its way. Thank you for being straight with e and for keeping me informed regularly of all the work you did for me. I really admire your values and work ethics. I am glad to see that there are still some honest, hard-working people left in the world. John, thank you once again for everything. I really don’t know what I would have done without you. Keep running BA the way you are and before you know it you will be the president of a huge corporation. You are really doing an excellent job. Good luck in the future, and I hope things work out well for you. Sincerely, John S. Goracy

John S. Goracy

Dear John: This letter is to inform you that as of July 31, XXXX, I have accepted a position at PAGG Corporation located in Milford, Massachusetts as an XXXXX XXXXXXX. I want to thank you for all of the help and guidance XXXXXXX and you have given me in my job search endeavor. I was truly amazed at how quickly and efficiently my career search yielded results. PAGG was the first of only two interviews! Only time will tell if PAGG is a “keeper.” Perhaps I will be visiting with you again to steer my career in the best direction. I feel comfortable with the choice I have made and feel well suited for this type of position. In closing, please let me say that you should feel very good about what you do, for you not only change jobs and careers, you also help change lives. Sincerely yours, Richard Ruggieri

Richard Ruggieri

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