What is the length of the average executive search endeavor?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a typical executive job search takes one month for each $10,000 in desired income. We believe you can be far ahead of that trend! Having a team alongside you can make all the difference!

When the economy is good, hiring takes place. When times are bad, we just have to work harder to create opportunity…

The length of an executive job search campaign varies and is contingent on a variety of variables including: Work history, employment record, wage/compensation requirements, desirability of particular skill set, economy, off-shoring industry trends, interviewing skills, time devoted to job search, willingness to actively participate in our recommended campaign strategy, marketing package presented to hiring authorities and many other personal or external reasons that cannot be controlled by the candidate or Browning Associates.

Client Success Rate

More and more companies seem to have embraced and expanded the concept of home based offices. The relocation momentum has been partially moderated by this executive employment trend embraced by many companies as a cheaper alternative than paying for relocation packages. We have no definitive conclusions on this trend but will continue to track this statistic closely.

Browning Associates achieves a high level of success because of our steadfast commitment to our clients. Nevertheless, some candidates do not find a new position. They do so for multiple reasons, typically including: Cease search endeavor after deciding to purchase a business or franchise, early retirement, health conditions, etc. The number of reasons are unlimited. A few are not successful for personal reasons. Their circumstances change, and they find that they must place severe restrictions on their search such as (geographical, salary demands, the field of specialty, etc.) and the immediate circumstances won’t allow them to consider other options. Another major factor is, some clients are not willing to adapt to a nontraditional means and most effective mechanism of promoting their brand. Nevertheless, the primary reason executives fail in the expected timeframe is that they cannot put in the necessary time and effort to follow our action plan for success precisely as prescribed. However and nevertheless, we are so sure of our abilities and expertise, if you agree to follow our time tested strategies, we will work with you until you accept your next position, consulting engagement or new business endeavor… For those that do that, our success rate is 90% plus…

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