Michael Merigan - President


Mr. Merigan brings more than two decades of accomplishment and successes fore fronting Private Equity and VC startups as well executive teams for Fortune 50, 100 and 500 corporations such as IBM, Oracle etc.

Michael’s primary mandate is to drive business development by way of strategic client selection, acquisition and utilizing a demonstrated and refined leadership style that always leads his clients to success… Michael is proud to work exclusively with the $200k+ executive who is serious about attaining a new career summit by way of wholly engaging Browning Associates for that purpose…

Through a series of intense dialogue, Michael’s team gains a  dynamic understanding of their clients professional and personal goals and precisely defines an employment outreach strategy that works!  His genesis for success is; strict corporate governance combined with full team accountability to achieve tangible results, based on distinct objectives and attainable goals for his colleagues, and more importantly; his clients!

Michael’s team has facilitated thousands of executive career transitions for a myriad of scenarios. Whether employed or unemployed, the countless career change challenges and obstacles faced by a seasoned high level executive can be frustrating. The Browning business model is driven by our ability to accelerate your career transition to the next level by way of leveraging our existing network contacts and industry leaders.

Please forward your resume to

MikeMerigan@ExecutiveJobSearch.net or feel free to reach him direct at (401) 516-0169.