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 We are a Christian based organization; we serve Christ and of course welcome with open hearts all faiths!  Our business model is divinely inspired as a means of supporting men and woman as they transition to a better executive career situation and relationship with God.  Our sole mission is to inspire a God given career direction along with a finely balanced career search campaign orchestrated and executed in unswerving harmony with the Lord's magnificent plan for ones life...

Our good Lord has equipped and blessed us with His given gift of defining your life plan, and then engaging the necessary elects to bring your career aspirations to a full inclusive reality by way of refined focus and an outward effort to aggressively promote your God given talents in today's highly competitive and challenging executive job market. 

Upon concluding nearly twenty five years of continued growth and success, our founder and senior partners have transformed our entire business model. Although the original service standards were highly effective, they were focused primarily on career counseling and résumé development. While these services are crucial, they are not always aggressive enough to finish the real task of procuring better employment!  

Browning Associates also known as Executivejobsearch.net, has been established to provide efficient, expert solutions to executive job seekers and career changers.

Call  401-825-7717  today.   We guarantee to work with you until you are in a new position!

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